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Thankfully there are many choices when it comes to selecting a blood glucose meter. That being said, it can be a little overwhelming trying to pick the glucose meter that is right for you or for your child. There are a few things to consider that might make choosing a glucose meter with the features you need a little easier.

Insurance coverage for you Blood Glucose Meter

Every health plan works a little different. Your specific insurance plan may only cover certain meters. Many times manufacturers will negotiate contracts with large Insurance Groups or Employer Groups to provide specific equipment at a negotiated rate. Your insurance plan may have a designated amount of money or a percentage they will reimburse for diabetes supplies. If that is the case, you may be able to purchase any meter you want.

Cost of Blood Glucose Meters

When buying a blood glucose meter, it is important to not only think about the cost of the meter itself, but also the cost to operate the meter. Many times an inexpensive meter can turn out to be more expensive to operate compared to a more expensive unit. The costs to operate the meter include the glucose test strips, controls, and batteries.

Blood Glucose Meter Technology

Manufacturers are always striving to differentiate their product in the marketplace from their competitors. This competition provides the marketplace with products in varying sizes, shapes, and with a multitude of features.

When choosing your next blood glucose meter, take into consideration the size of the unit. Smaller units may be easier for travel and for children, but may require more dexterity to operate. Also pay attention to the glucose test strips the machine requires. Some strips require more preparation and more importantly a larger sample size than others. Lastly, make sure you check out the display the unit has. If you have any vision problems, a glucose meter with a larger display may be a lot more user friendly.

Technical Support for your Blood Glucose Meter

There are many blood glucose meters that will come with an instruction video as well as a toll free number for customer support. Make sure you understand how and where you can get help with your new glucose meter if you need it.

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