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One of the most important factors in not only controlling your diabetes, but also improving the quality of your life will be the diabetes nutrition plan you follow as a diabetic. A diabetes nutrition plan will usually involve eating a well balanced diet. A well balanced diet will contain a balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Your doctor or nutritionist will be able to help determine the right balance for your specific diabetes nutrition needs.

The majority of diabetics are usually instructed by their doctor that they will need to loose some weight and eat a special diabetic diet. Now the term "diabetic diet" does not sound very appealing to most. The good news is it is not as bad as it sounds. Usually a diabetic meal plan involves picking the right types of proteins, and fats. As well as monitoring carbohydrates, fiber and the glycemic index in foods.

Diabetes Nutrition and A1C

Your success with your diabetic meal plan and getting proper diabetes nutrition will be evident in how you are able to stabilize your blood sugars. Hemoglobin A1C is a test that is done in addition to blood glucose monitoring. Think of hemoglobin A1c as a running 6-12 week average of your blood glucose control compared to the snapshot you get when you use a blood glucose monitor. A healthy diabetic meal plan will help you to reduce your hemoglobin A1c score, which will correlate with reduced short and long-term complications from diabetes.

Diabetes Nutrition and Weight loss

Fortunately losing weight is not rocket science. Your body weight is mostly determined by how many calories you consume in a day compared to how many you use. When you consume more calories than you need in the presence of insulin you gain weight. By following a well-balanced diabetes nutrition plan, and exercise plan you should be able to reach your doctors recommended body weight without sacrificing proper nutrition.

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