Diabetes Weight Management

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Diabetes Weight Management

A diabetes weight management plan is always a central component of preventing and treating diabetes. There is a direct link between obesity and diabetes. There is a very good chance that your doctor will recommend you participate in a diabetes weight management program as part of your diabetes treatment plan. As a diabetic, your approach to weight management must be a healthy one.

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The necessity of a diabetes weight management program does not dilute the importance of managing your sugars and eating a healthy well balanced diet. There must be a balance between eating the right foods, the proper amount of calories, and daily activity in order to safely take off excess body fat.

Diabetes Weight Management

How does weight loss work? Simply put, your body weight is a result of the number of calories you consume per day; less the number of calories you burn through daily activity and normal bodily functions. If you consume more calories than you utilize and have insulin available, those calories will be stored and you will gain weight. If you utilize more calories than you are consuming you will experience weight loss. Sound easy, right? The truth is it is not as difficult as you might think. It is really a matter of adhering to a well balanced diet and participating in regular daily activity.

Total Calories and Diabetes Weight Management

Most people have no idea how many calories they need in a day to manage their body weight. Not only are total calories important, but also the source of the calories is extremely important to diabetes weight management. Many people treat food as a form self-gratification, and pay little attention to the amount of calories they are consuming daily.

Kilocalories and Diabetes Weight Management

There is a term called kilocalories that you will become familiar with. Basically kilocalories refer to the number of calories you should be consuming each day. Kilocalories are calculated based on your ideal body weight taking in consideration your level of activity. Caloric needs are going to vary by the individual based on age, and activity level.

Exercise and Diabetes Weight Management

The most effective method for diabetes weight management is to combine a healthy diet with daily exercise. The fact is, in order to loose weight you will have to make daily exercise one of your top priorities. Consult with your doctor about the type and quantity of exercise you should be engaging in on a daily basis in order to begin a weight loss program.

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