Diabetic Foot Care

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Diabetic Foot Care Daily Checks

The first thing all diabetics should check for each day is any skin color changes. Next, it is important to note any leg pain or swelling of the feet or ankles. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to notify the doctor treating you immediately.

Next, it is important to check for any ingrown toenails or any fungus in the toenails. At the same time you should look for any corns or calluses on the bottoms of the feet.

Diabetic Foot Care Cleaning

Daily diabetic foot care begins and ends with keeping your feet clean and fresh by washing with mild soap and lukewarm water. It is usually a good idea to wash your feet as described in the morning, after any activity that causes the feet to sweat, and prior to going to bed.

The feet should be gently dried with a soft towel. Make sure to dry in between the toes very thoroughly. If you are experiencing dry skin, use a light moisturizer on the feet. However, it is not usually recommended to put the moisturizer in between the toes.

Toenails and Diabetic Foot Care

It is an important part of diabetic foot care to cut your toenails on a regular basis. It is usually recommended to cut the nails straight across. A straight across cut helps prevent ingrown toenails. Cutting your toenails after bathing helps reduce the difficulty with hard toenails. If you are vision impaired, have a family member help you cut them. If necessary, schedule weekly appointments with your doctor to have your toenails cut.

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