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The "Diabetic Menu" really does not exist. That being said, most diabetics are initially confused about what and how to eat. Eating the appropriate foods and accounting for everything you eat is going to be important in managing your diabetes.

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Some things you might be hearing from friends and family about a diabetic menu (your diet) may not be 100% accurate. It will be important to work with your doctor and or a dietician to ensure you receive the correct information and tools.

There are essentially three types of foods, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Consuming the right percentages of each is what is important.

Diabetic Menu and Carbohydrates

By far carbohydrates are the most controversial food in our diet. Carbohydrates are what give our body energy. Everyone has heard about the low or no carb diets on the marketplace. As a diabetic, this is not an option for you. Your diet must be balanced between carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Common sources of carbohydrates are potatoes, pasta, bread, grains, cereals, and rice. Your doctor and your dietician should determine the exact percentage of carbohydrates you should consume. Usually the percentage will be somewhere between 40% and 55%. Please make sure you consult your doctor for his/her expert opinion on the correct amount of carbohydrates for your diabetic menu.

Diabetic Menu and Protein

Protein is a very important part of everyone's diet. The source of protein is where things become complicated. Since it is important to control your weight, it will be important to consume protein sources that are also low in fat. Some examples are skinless, white meat chicken or turkey, flounder, halibut, or canned tuna in water. Other sources of protein, lean beef, lean pork, dark meat chicken, salmon, and some cheeses are also good sources of protein, but a little higher in fat than those previously mentioned.

Your doctor or dietician should determine how much protein you should consume. Usually the percentage will somewhere between 20% and 30%. Again this will vary by the individual and should only be decided by a healthcare professional.

Diabetic Menu and Fat

The amount of fat you should consume in your diet is not quite as debated as carbohydrates and protein. Most healthcare professionals will agree that you should usually not consume more than 30% of your calories from fat. It is important to limit the amount of cholesterol and saturated fat in your diet to prevent long-term complications like coronary artery disease.

Diabetic Menu and Diets

There are many resources available to help you follow a healthy diabetic menu plan that allows you to control your sugars and your body weight. Please take advantage of the select group of resource partners available at Life with Diabetes.

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