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Diabetic socks are one of the small things that can make a big difference to the foot health of diabetics. Diabetic socks are designed to promote good circulation by applying the right amount of compression. A well-designed diabetic sock should have a minimum amount of elastic at the top. Having too much elastic at the top of the diabetic sock can cause skin irritation in patients with edema (swelling).

Diabetic Socks and Foot Health

Diabetic socks are designed to promote good circulation, which is important for diabetics. Diabetic socks should be made out of synthetic materials with wicking capabilities. Some of the wicking materials used in diabetic socks today are: Duraspun and Coolmax. Cotton socks are not preferred for diabetics because they can trap moisture and loose their shape over time. Cotton socks can also become rough over time from washing and potentially cause skin irritation.

Diabetic Socks and Diabetes Supplies

With the advent of the Internet, there are several diabetes suppliers on-line selling diabetic socks. With so many choices it is important to know what you are looking for. It is important to find diabetic socks that contain synthetic material and are the appropriate size for your feet. The diabetic sock should be form fitted to your foot and not too tight. It needs the right amount of elasticity to prevent it from slipping down and bunching up in the shoe. Diabetics should avoid socks with any harmful dyes or additives that might irritate the skin.

At Life with Diabetes, we have taken the time to research several on-line choices for purchasing diabetic socks. Prior to ordering your diabetic socks, make sure you know the correct size for your feet. Also, remember to order diabetic socks made out of synthetic material that will provide the appropriate compression without being too tight. Diabetic socks are a small part of your overall diabetes care that can make a real difference in preventing long-term diabetes complications.

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