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Hypoglycemia is a condition when a diabetic's blood sugar actually falls too low. This can only occur as a result of the treatment you are receiving. This can be caused by either too much drug, exercising too much, or not eating enough. As a diabetic, you are constantly battling trying to stabilize your blood glucose levels. When you become hypoglycemic, it is important to not over treat the condition. Over treatment can lead to very high blood glucose levels and a whole new problem. Most diabetics are able to treat their hypoglycemia and recover pretty quickly.

The tricky part is avoiding hypoglycemia while maintaining a low enough blood glucose level to prevent long-term complications such as eye disease, kidney disease, and nerve disease. Moreover, the low level needed to prevent the long-term threat of heart disease is difficult to achieve due to hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia and Insulin

Hypoglycemia can be caused by high levels of insulin, which drive down your glucose levels. However, high doses of insulin may not always be the cause of hypoglycemia. Your diet and exercise regimen can also cause hypoglycemia. In addition, your body's ability to raise glucose levels by releasing it from your liver may be part of the cause.

Type 1 diabetics and Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia affects type 1 diabetics more so than type 2 diabetics. Approximately 10% of the time, type 1 diabetics experience hypoglycemia. Usually type 1 diabetics experience bouts with hypoglycemia approximately two times per week with severe occurrences only once per year on average. You and your doctor will need to work together to adjust the amount of insulin you take based on several factors like diet, and exercise.

Hypoglycemia Prevention

For most diabetics a glucose monitor is a basic necessity. Glucose monitors are used daily to assess your blood glucose levels and provide the information you and your doctor need to adjust your insulin treatment. Glucose monitors are readily available from online diabetes suppliers. In some cases you can get your glucose monitor free if you make a purchase of other supplies like test strips.

At "Life with Diabetes" we recognize that being diagnosed with diabetes can be very traumatic. Our mission is to make getting all your supplies as easy as possible. We constantly research the top diabetes suppliers and provide you with the information to make informed purchases.

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