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Insulin pens are another way to make taking insulin a little easier. The insulin pen does not eliminate the need for a needle, it simply changes the way you measure the insulin you are taking. There are several manufacturers now making insulin pens. Some of the manufactures are: Becton Dickinson, Eli Lilly, and Novo Nordisk.

Insulin pens either come with a cartridge of insulin already inserted or you can insert a cartridge into the pen. The cartridges are similar to the ones you would find in old-fashioned ink pens.

Insulin pens usually come with either 1.5 or 3.0 millimeters of insulin. Insulin pens usually allow you to dial the amount of insulin you need and are equipped with a device that clicks for those diabetics who are visually impaired. The pens sometimes have a display window on them that will show the number of units.

Insulin Pens or Needles?

Often people will automatically think they should switch to the latest technology available on the market. The insulin pen is a great tool and makes it easier for some diabetics to take their insulin. Many diabetics are very comfortable with the needle and syringe method of insulin injection and should not feel any pressure to switch to the newer tools.

For newly diagnosed diabetics who will need to start taking insulin, the insulin pen may be a great choice. Also, for those folks who are visually impaired or not comfortable with measuring their insulin in a syringe, the insulin pen may make it easier to ensure proper dosing of insulin. Whether you use the insulin pen, or the traditional insulin needle and syringe combination, please make sure you are taking your insulin according to your doctor's recommendations.

Diabetes Supplies and Insulin Pens

Finding the right insulin pen for you has become so much easier with the advent of the Internet. Make sure you search our partner sites and read about all the different products available to help make managing your diabetes easier. Through our partnerships at life with diabetes, we are happy to bring you a constant variety of the highest quality diabetes supplies available. Please take advantage of the research we have done on your behalf.

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