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In order to monitor your blood glucose levels you will have to use a device called a lancet. Lancets are devices that enable you to get a small drop of blood out of your finger with minimal pain or discomfort. The device will have some sort of button that when you push it a spring-loaded lancet will pop out and poke your finger. This will allow you to get a small drop of blood that you can use with your blood glucose monitor to test your sugar levels.

There are several brands of lancets or lancing devices on the market. You may need to try a few different types before you settle in on one that works well for you. Some of the major manufacturers are: Becton Dickinson, Bayer, and Kendall healthcare.

Using a Lancet

It is usually recommended that you clean your finger with an alcohol swab prior to getting a sample. Most people usually find it more comfortable to use a lancet on the side of their finger vs. the more sensitive fingertip. It is also a good idea to vary the finger you are getting the sample from on a regular basis. This will prevent any one finger becoming too sensitive.

Lancets should be treated in similar fashion as your needles. Most manufactures recommend single use of a lancet. Proper disposal in a puncture proof plastic container is also recommended.

Lancets and Supplies

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