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Lancing devices are designed to work in conjunction with lancets to retrieve a blood sample for self-testing. The lancing device is usually a spring-loaded device that propels the lancet into your finger at a specified depth. Many lancets and lancing devices are interchangeable and all are designed to reduce the pain and increase the ease of getting a blood sample. Because self-testing is done on a regular basis, any device that increases the convenience and reduces pain is a welcomed tool.

There are several designs of lancing devices on the market. Some of the major manufactures of lancing devices are: Becton Dickinson, Bayer healthcare, and Kendall healthcare products.

When using a lancet and lancing device, you should usually clean your finger with alcohol first. Alcohol prep pads are available in individual sealed foil packs for one time use. Usually they come in boxes of 200 and are very affordable.

Blood samples with Lancing Devices

Due to the frequent nature of self-testing, it is usually a good idea to vary the finger you use for sampling. By varying the finger, you will reduce the chance of becoming increasingly sensitive to the lancet. Many diabetics use the side of their finger for sampling as well. The side of the finger is less sensitive than the tip of the finger and better if you have any type of job where you utilize your fingertips for typing.

Proper use and Disposal of Lancets

It is usually recommended that lancets only be used one time and then discarded. Since the lancet is sharp and comes in contact with blood, it must be disposed of in a puncture proof, plastic container. Treat lancing devices just like any other needle and never share a lancet with another individual. The sharing of needles or lancets could potentially spread blood borne pathogens and is considered unsafe.

Diabetes Supplies and Lancing Devices

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