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LifeScan Blood Glucose Meters

Lifescan is a complete line of diabetes products manufactured by LifeScan Inc. The LifeScan line of glucose meters includes the One Touch Ultra, One Touch Ultrasmart, InDuo, One Touch Basic, One Touch SureStep, One Touch Profile and the One Touch Fast Take.

Glucose Meter Providers

These days you should not have to pay for your glucose meter. Below are two diabetes supply companies that will send you a glucose meter for free.

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One Touch Ultra Meter

The One Touch Ultra is for diabetics who want fast testing with little pain. This glucose meter provides results in 5 seconds. The OneTouch Ultra Meter requires a small sample of blood that can be taken either from the finger of arm.

OneTouch UltraSmart Meter

The OneTouch UltraSmart Meter is for diabetics who are making a lot of insulin adjustments. This meter has the capability to automatically track your results by the time and day. This information allows diabetics to know how and when to adjust the amount of insulin they are taking. The One Touch UltraSmart glucose meter provides results in 5 seconds and allows for finger or arm sampling.

InDuo Blood Glucose Meter

The InDuo System is for diabetics who want to combine their blood glucose testing with their insulin injection. This device has a One Touch Ultra meter for testing, along with an insulin delivery system that keeps track of the time and amount of the last dose of insulin received. Nove Nordisk makes the internal insulin delivery system.

OneTouch Basic Meter

The OneTouch Basic Meter is for diabetics who want to keep it simple. This meter has a large display, which helps those who are visually impaired. The meter displays the last test result while you wait approximately 45 seconds for your new result. The OneTouch Basic Meter has a 75-test memory with date and time.

OneTouch SureStep Meter

The OneTouch SureStep Meter is for diabetics who are looking for simple and easy testing. This meter is easy to handle and has a very large display that makes it easy to read. The One Touch SureStep also has one large button and requires simple large test strips.

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