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LifeScan Testing Supplies

LifeScan Testing Strips and Lancets are part of the OneTouch line of products manufactured by LifeScan Inc. OneTouch Brand Test Strips are designed to work with OneTouch Blood Glucose Meters to ensure fast and easy testing for diabetics.

All of the OneTouch Brand Test Strips come in quantities ranging from 25 to 100 and are sold separately from the OneTouch Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems.

LifeScan has simplified things by making the OneTouch Ultra Test Strip. This test strip is designed to work with three different LifeScan meters. It works with the One Touch Ultra, the One Touch UltraSmart, and the InDuo System.

One Touch Ultra Test Strip

OneTouch Ultra Test Strip requires only a very small blood sample that can be taken from either the finger or the arm. This test strip has a unique feature that reduces waste. The One Touch Ultra test strip has a confirmation window that shows when enough blood has been applied to the strip.

LifeScan Lancing Devices

OneTouchUltraSoft Adjustable Blood Sampler is another diabetes testing tool by Lifescan. The OneTouch UltraSoft Adjustable Blood Sampler provides 7 different depth settings. This allows you to adjust to the most comfortable depth for you.

The One Touch UltraSoft lancing device can also be used with another LifeScan product called the OneTouch UltraClear Cap. The cap allows you to get a sample from your forearm. The cap helps draw blood to the lanced area and lets you see when you have an adequate blood sample.

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