Managing Diabetes

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Managing Diabetes

You are the most important part of your diabetes management plan. It is up to you to take the appropriate steps everyday to effectively manage your diabetes. There are several factors that contribute to managing diabetes. There is evidence that suggests proper management of glucose levels may reduce the short and long-term complications associated with diabetes.

Factors For Managing Diabetes

The four basic factors of diabetes management are daily glucose testing, following a diabetic diet, daily activity, and diabetes medicines. The important thing to keep in mind is that all of these factors work together to ensure proper management of diabetes.


The Diabetic Diet

Diet plays a huge role in managing diabetes. Diabetics will need to follow a low glycemic diet in order to properly manage their blood glucose levels and avoid large insulin spikes. This does not mean diabetics cannot enjoy eating like non-diabetics. This does mean that diabetics need to follow a diet that has the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. It is recommended that you consult your doctor or a nutritionist for advice on the types of foods that will help you achieve good glucose control.

Managing Diabetes and Exercise

Diabetics are no different than non-diabetics when it comes to exercise. Everyone needs to engage in daily exercise in order to be healthy. Daily exercise may help to reduce blood glucose levels and control body weight.

Every person diagnosed with diabetes needs to control their glucose levels and their body weight. That being said, if you are diabetic and not exercising, please consult your doctor for advice on what type of exercise program you can start.

Managing Diabetes and Glucose Testing

One of the most important parts of your diabetes management plan will be daily testing with a glucose meter. There are studies that have clearly shown that glucose management can reduce the long-term complications associated with diabetes.

The diabetics' goal should be to avoid large fluctuations in blood glucose levels. Daily testing is intended to provide information so you can utilize your diabetes medicines in the most effective way. Most diabetics are instructed to test 3-4 times per day. This will vary by patient and can only be determined by the doctor treating you.

Managing Diabetes with Medicine

Most every diabetic will require some type of medicine as part of his or her diabetes management plan. There are many types of diabetes medicines. The medicine will differ by the type of diabetes as well as other issues. Only the doctor treating you can decide which type of diabetes medication is right for you. It is important to always take your medications according to the way your doctor prescribed it. Never take any other

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