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Prior to being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, people can have abnormally high blood glucose levels. This is considered pre-diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association there are 41 million people in the United States, ages 40 to 74, who have pre-diabetes. Research has shown that there may be long-term damage occurring to the heart and circulatory system during the pre-diabetes period.

It has also been shown that if you take steps to manage your blood glucose when you have pre-diabetes, you can delay and even prevent type 2 diabetes from ever developing. There are several actions steps you can take to understand your risk for developing pre-diabetes. There are also many steps you can take to prevent the development of pre-diabetes if you are at risk.

Prevention and Pre-Diabetes

If you are at risk for pre-diabetes or are currently pre-diabetic you may benefit from a diabetic health plan. The most important aspect of the plan is incorporating a daily exercise regimen. Prior to beginning a new exercise routine, please consult your primary care doctor for his/her professional advice.

In conjunction with a daily exercise regimen, you should be able to lessen your risk for pre-diabetes or diabetes by following a low fat, healthy diet plan. Similar to your new exercise regimen, you should consult your primary care doctor for advice on a new low fat diet plan.

The good news is that if you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, you still have the opportunity to prevent becoming a diabetic. Clearly, many people do not have such an opportunity. At life with diabetes we encourage you to take advantage of the early warning that you have been given. Making the necessary diet and activity changes are as simple as deciding that you want to be healthy. Once you make the decision to be healthy, there are so many resources available to you to help ensure your success.

Pre-Diabetes and your Primary Care Doctor

The majority of primary care doctors are prepared to assist you in your quest to take control of your life, get healthy, and reduce your risks for pre-diabetes. Your doctor has many resources available to help you prevent becoming diabetic, even if you already have pre-diabetes.

The most important step is the first one. Make the decision that from this day forward you are going to take control of your health and welfare. Once you do that, your doctor and we at life with diabetes will be able to provide several resources and information to help guide your through this life altering commitment to health.

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